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Sliding through sales proceeds go directly to the scouts

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Give a fantastic gift and raise money for the scout movement at the same time!


A beautiful and colorful book about the unique journey of a systems engineer who went alone around the world on a motorcycle. Kristján Gíslason got to know the kindness and hospitality of people all over the world and delivers here the travel story in pictures and words.

It took courage to undertake this adventure, but hopefully the book will be an encouragement to others to make their dreams come true.

The book is also available in Icelandic and is called Hringfarinn.

"Not everyone gets the chance to make their dreams come true and I am forever grateful that I got to make mine come true.

My book Sliding Through tells my story in words and pictures when I went alone on a bike around the world".

The proceeds from the sale of every book sold in the Skátabúðinn goes directly to Scouting!

One day, Kristján was invited to go on a motorcycle trip with his good friend around Vestfirðir. It was his first motorcycle ride and he didn't know what to expect. He was fascinated by the experience of this mode of travel, all the freedom that came with it and seeing the local environment in a different light. In fact, he was so fascinated that two years later, at the age of 58, he set off around the world on a motorcycle with a camera and an open mind. In 10 months, he experienced first hand how people live around the world and got to see the world in a new light.